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Been considering hair laser removal for a while now? Did you know that winter is the ideal time for you to start treatment with You by Dermes Medilase’s Laser Clinic? Consider starting next summer silky, clean and beach ready!

Hair Laser Removal works by selectively targeting the dark pigment in the hair follicles, while avoiding the pigment of the skin. When skin are at its darkest, either from natural tanning or tanning products, laser can become interested in the color in the skin, instead of the hair follicle. In the wintertime, skin is commonly lighter making treatment more effective.

Start laser after you’ve ditched your summer bikini – hanging out in the sun Dermes Medilase is a huge no no! Throughout the hair laser removal process, hairs and the surrounding skin absorb the laser energy. Our recommendation is that exposure to the sun to treated areas be kept as low as possible for any week following treatment in order to avoid the growth of pigmentation.

By starting your laser treatment during winter, you’ll see a significant decline in hair once summer hits. Laser hair removal treatments should take place every 8 weeks for 8-10 appointments so that you can capture each stage of hair growth. After each treatment you’ll view a significant reduction in the growth of hair with hairs appearing finer and much less viable. Many people are rarely shaving following their third treatment!

Still not convinced? To You by Dermes Medilase’s Laser Clinics, people with all of kinds of skin may go through the advantages of hair laser removal via its state-of-the-art Medical Grade Lasers. The specially designed lasers include a patented Dynamic Cooling Device, which dramatically increases client comfort by providing a go of cold air to counteract the warmth from the laser.

So, exactly what are you awaiting? Head to a You by Dermes Medilase Laser Clinic and say goodbye to very last minute beach prep forever! Are you time poor and want to get rid of unsightly body hair? Were you aware that a number of jizxsq hair laser removal treatments may be as quick as a few minutes? Get smooth skin in a maximum of 5 minutes! Hair laser removal is ideal for those delicate areas on the body.

Ingrown hair might be caused from hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, hair removal creams and electrolysis. Many individuals suffer from this challenge and look for the ingrown hair treatment that actually works! Unfortunately in addition to struggling with ingrown hairs, some could also experience skin irritation, redness and bumps.

Treating ingrown hairs using the You by Dermes Medilase lasers leads to smooth, silky skin plus an end to embarrassing ingrowns and no more waxing or plucking on a daily basis! When treating irritated or sensitive skin it is very important the right laser system is used. You by Dermes Medilase’s Clinics use Genuine Alexandrite and Gentle Yag Lasers with a Dynamic Cooling Device for your comfort.

From the first treatment a reduction of ingrown hairs is seen and gradually continues to decrease with further treatments, since the hair reduces ingrown hair stop occurring. The pigmentation that develops with all the ingrown also clears up, skin will become flawless and smooth in next to almost no time.

You by Dermes Medilase Lasers are specially created for safe, effective, fast and permanent hair reduction with tried and tested results. IPL devices on the contrary were created specifically for skin treatments not hair removal.

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