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It is really an announcement for your offical eThailand lottery. It would run Monday through Friday. Cost to be involved is 5 THB first ticket or 20 THB for five tickets. Each ticket gets your own name entered once inside the list randomizer on The individual who ends up first listed will win 60% of your proceeds. The other 40% will likely be deposited within an account run by Kuolun for usage inside the housing lottery. I am going to reprint this post on Thursday to be certain everyone gets an opportunity to view it. Best of luck.

Current Total involved at the time of sometime wednesday morning: 105 THB

Your potential share is 63 THB!

Keep in mind that this means we now have raised 42 THB which is in regards to a fifth of the price tag on an affordable Q1 house. Keep buying around this rate so we can perform a housing lotto thai real soon. I am going to dexnpky15 this short article sometime later right now to refresh its spot.

Should you havent got a new ticket yet, remember to. Its a sensible way to increase fascination with newer players to advance to Thailand when they see we are giving away homes and it helps out our current citizens without housing!

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